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New approaches to AD research: words, voices, and collaborative processes

03 December 2021, ppt (PDF)

Anna Matamala, UAB


At the  International Conference on Translation and Interpreting of Specialised Discourses: Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Accessibility, Anna presented various new approaches towards including Audio Description in media production and demonstrated the co-creation and accessibility aspects of UAB’s immersive MediaVerse productions.

Media Accessibility Training: Sign Language and Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing

15 November 2021, ppt (PDF), Video (YouTube)

Anna Matamala at LEADME Winter School 2021


UAB’s Anna Matamala presented methodologies and ethical aspects of involving users in accessibility research, explaining how to adapt user research methodologies to diverse user groups as we have in the MediaVerse project and, more generally, the rights and rules that need to be respected in such activities.

Authoring tools to democratize the authoring of VR experiences

23 September 2021, ppt (PDF)

Dimitrios Ververidis at ERASMUS+ SILVHER project “Final Multiplier event program” at PAMUKKALE University, Tourism Faculty, Denizli, Turkey


A presentation on how the integration of easy-to-use tools and templates in common platforms like WordPress can enable a much wider range of users to create 3D, VR and other immersive experiences.

Culture meets immersive environments: A new media landscape across Europe

30 July 2021, ppt (PDF)

Marta Brescia Zapata


A presentation on how XR technologies enable easy, fast and affordable access for wide audiences and why Immersive Experiences should be accessible by design.

Media Accessibility Research and Training: TRANSMEDIA CATALONIA RESEARCH GROUP

24 July 2021, YouTube

Pilar Orero at UTICamp


Pilar presents different concepts of barriers and how subtitles and translation, among others, can improve accessibility.

Training accessibility to vulnerable groups: a tool for social transformation

27 January 2021, ppt (PDF)

Estel·la Oncins & Marta Brescia


A presentation on Vulnerable Groups and how emerging technologies can support their inclusion in socitey and culture.

Engaging Immersive Accessibility

8 May 2021, ppt (PDF)

Pilar Orero


At CHI 2021, Pilar presented how Accessibility Services can enhance engaging immersive experiences.

The MediaVerse Approach to Media Rights

24 February 2021, ppt (PDF)

Symeon Papadopoulos at “ICT Verticals and Horizontals for Blockchain Standardisation”


A presentation on how blockchain can support media rights management in the MediaVerse approach.

Interview at

17 January 2021, Podcast interview

Pilar Orero


PODCAST | Francesca Raffi interviews Pilar Orero, full professor of Audiovisual Translation at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain). Pilar talks about one of the most important international conferences on media accessibility, and of course the MediaVerse project.

Vulnerable Groups and MediaVerse

18 November 2020, ppt (PDF)

Pau Pamplona at TIM – TransMedia Catalonia International Meeting


Pau presented MediaVerse and how it will support various target groups in producing, sharing and consuming accessible immersive “media for all”.

Project presentation at LEAD-ME Winter Training School

23 November 2020, ppt (PDF), video (YouTube)

Symeon Papadopoulos


Symeon Papadopoulos (Information Technologies Institute (CERTH ITI)) presents the European H2020 project MEDIAVERSE project as part of the LEAD ME Winter Training School Online, Barcelona, 2020.