Here you find all public deliverables of the MediaVerse project.

They document project results and, to some extent, also the processes that led to these results.

D1.2 Data Management Plan

This deliverable documents the data management plan of the project in accordance with the H2020 data management requirements.

This deliverable was submitted but has not yet been approved by the European Commission and its independent reviewers. 

D1.3 Ethical Requirements

This deliverable provides guidelines for the project and a complete report on requirements to obtain ethical approval for testing with end users, taking special care of vulnerable groups. It also includes ethical recommendations during COVID19, personal data protection, security, as well as health and safety guidelines

D2.1 Use Cases and User Requirements

This document describes the Use Cases, Usage Scenarios and Technical Requirements delivered in the first part of the MediaVerse project.

This deliverable was submitted but has not yet been approved by the European Commission and its independent reviewers. 

D2.2 Conceptual Design of the MediaVerse Framework

This deliverable presents the conceptual design of the MediaVerse solution. All the core components are presented and the interaction between them is devised. This document with its inputs is the basis for the implementation that will follow.

D3.1 Next Generation Content Model and Algorithms for New Media Types

The main objective of this deliverable is to provide a preliminary overview of the architecture of the MediaVerse Next Generation Content Management, Understanding and Interlinking layer.

D4.1 Copyright and Procedures for IPR Definition

This deliverable provides the legal framework for copyrights and their management within MediaVerse and presents the planned legal and technical implementation of the copyright and licensing approach within the project.

D5.2 Immersive Storytelling Authoring Tools v1

This deliverable reports on the initial iteration after the requirements elicitation, extending background technologies and integrating first research and development results in the authoring tools in MediaVerse. It demonstrates the initial capabilities of a) video authoring, b) stories authoring, and c) enhancing with 3D models and includes low- to mid-fidelity prototypes, such as mock-ups and clickable dummies, as well as a deployed prototype v1 platform.

D6.1 Core Framework, Decentralized Communication and Content Exchange

This report explains in detail the MediaVerse decentralized framework, including the Digital Asset Management (DAM), the federated search, and the User Interface.

This framework allows peer interactions among MediaVerse nodes without the need to pass through a master control node. The auto-discovery mechanism to allow any node of the MediaVerse decentralized network to be aware of new and existing nodes is also explained. As an example of communication among nodes, it also describes the federated search service that allows expanding the search of media content beyond the boundaries of a MediaVerse node.

D7.1 Pilot Description and Planning

This deliverable presents a global overview of the pilot execution plan in terms of aims, calendar, users, design, ethics, planning and reporting, and risk management. It also presents a description of each pilot as well as an initial proposal for an evaluation methodology.