Services & Tools 

Here you will find descriptions, demo videos and, created code created and published as a result of the MediaVerse project.

VRodos 3D plugin for WordPress

Our partner CERTH investigates the possibility of automating the visualization of 3D models in WordPress by allowing the upload, configuration, and visualization of 3D models on the front-end of WordPress sites without coding. 

The VRodos plugin allows artists to make their own a repository within WordPress for managing their assets. In this manner, they become independent of central repositories and they can visualize their content in their selected context.

You can find the VRodos plugin in Github

Scrollmersive - 3D VR Scrollytelling

Our partner Vragments examines in how far spatial storytelling can be integrated into an automatic production process at newsrooms. Allowing users to navigate through a narrative by scrolling from one 3D story point to the next adds value to any storyline. More information can be found here.

FADER - Immersive 360° experiences

Vragments is working on improving 360º production processes in newsrooms by assessing and further optimizing technical elements of the process in the backend, including:

  • swift transcoding of 360 video files,
  • 360 repository for collaborative work.

You can try out some of the features here.