MediaVerse collaboration with Som-Fundació

by and | Sep 8, 2021 | Accessibility, Project News, Use Case

One of the MediaVerse use cases seeks to explore how the co-creation of new media formats can help in overcoming social challenges faced by vulnerable communities. It is with this in mind that a collaboration was established between project partner TransMedia Catalonia (UAB) and the Catalan social entity Som-Fundació.

The main mission at Som-Fundació is to improve the quality of life and level of social integration for people with cognitive disabilities in Catalonia by offering the necessary support to exercise their rights in society. The TransMedia Catalonia research group at UAB focuses on audiovisual media accessibility and how to make new audiovisual formats accessible to all citizens. Together, the entities are exploring the possibilities of interactive immersive formats in 360° with the professionals and people with disabilities supported by Som-Fundació.

In May 2021, TransMedia Catalonia visited Som-Fundación to offer a sample of what these new tools can achieve and how they can assist in communication with the users of the entity. The facilities were recorded with 360º cameras and professionals were asked to introduce themselves and explain their role and services.

An interactive tour of the foundation’s headquarters was created using the FADER immersive authoring tool so that the users of Som-Fundación’s service can interact with the technology and get to know some of the professionals that work there. The interviews include integrated audio description and closed captions in Catalan to meet the requirements of people with visual impairment and the Deaf/Hard of hearing.

Click on image to start the fader app and initiate the 360 story

Click on the image to meet the professionals at Som-Fundació and take a 360° tour of their headquarters.