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Dr. Sarah Jones

What do you like about MediaVerse?

MediaVerse is all about co-creation and collaboration. I have always worked with a broad range of people, all bringing in unique skills to an experience. I am committed to this way of working to ensure there is a diversity to the creative experience and something unique can truly be produced.

Dr. Sarah Jones

Dr. Sarah Jones

Deputy Dean / Computing, Engineering and Media, De Montfort University, Leicester UK

Sarah’s research is focused on immersive realities (VR/AR), experiential film within 360 immersive storytelling. She looks to building experiences that allow for immersion. She is working to define a form of film practice around immersive experiential film and play with ideas of multi sensory VR to enhance presence in an environment. She holds a PhD in this area and has recently advised the UK Government on immersive technologies.


Sarah is always driven by curiosity and plays with a lot of new technology to see what new forms of media can be made. Previously work has included experimenting with a range of sensory modes to see how this can enhance an experience, adding heat and smells to create a deeper sense of presence.

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