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Pietro Azzara

What do you  like about  MediaVerse?

I believe that Media Verse is definitely among the most ambitious and interesting  projects on the media market, bringing a decentralized approach to content  sharing eliminating centralized gatekeepers and giving back control to content  creators, who can monitor their performance on social media, while protecting  their IP, clearly showing under what terms their work is available for use or  reproduction.

Pietro Azzara

Pietro Azzara

Italia4Blockchain (President), (CEO), (CEO)

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the  information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Processes,  Negotiation, Sales Management, Cloud, Marketing and Comunication, he became passionate about Blockchain during its early years and has turned his deep interest into a profession founding both the Association Italia4Blockchain and the blockchain focused software house Blockchain


Passionate and driven by the curiosity and willingness to explore and build on those technological paradigms that can improve processes, revolutionize and democratize the way people interact, consume, live and experience society as a whole.

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