MediaVerse in Motion

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Blockchain, Concept

In preparation of a number of focus groups with various stakeholders that are currently taking place in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Germany, UAB have prepared a video that explains the MediaVerse Vision in less than two minutes. This short animated video explains in simple words and images what MediaVerse aims to be: an open-source platform that provides you with tools and services to co-create content with your friends or colleagues, supporting you in finding relevant media content that you can integrate in your immersive experiences as well as spotting inappropriate content among such sources.

You can also make your content accessible with the help of intelligent tools, e.g. by translating it or by adding subtitles, both automatically!

Once you have created something that you want to share so that others can distribute or re-use it, you will also be able to make sure that your copyrights will be respected and you may even get paid for it!

Stay tuned and join the MediaVerse Network of Interest to receive updates, invitations to events, or to support these activities by becoming a test user once the system will be launched.