Blockchain-Based IPR Management: A Market Study by MediaVerse

by , and | Sep 23, 2021 | Blockchain, Copyright Management

MediaVerse is a Next-Generation Media project addressing technological trajectories with the purpose of remodeling the Media and Entertainment Industry in the next years. Nowadays, the industry is experiencing a technological and operational evolution with profound implications on its value chain and society. In this context, MediaVerse, as an Innovation Action, intends to ride and reinforce existing transformative trends already in place. The paradigm shifts that MediaVerse aims to foster are made possible through the implementation of emerging technologies, which act as game changers with respect to the traditional media and broadcasting market. From this perspective, MediaVerse is able to take advantage of a fruitful combined use of such technologies, riding the innovation wave and its impacts on the Media and Entertainment Industry.

One of the new waves of disruptive innovation is being generated by Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs). The Blockchain is the most prominent and is emerging as the latest paradigm for the Internet of the future. In this scenario, the new Blockchain-based Media platforms are introducing new operational mechanisms and a unique value proposition able to overcome the critical issues of the current platforms. One of the main advantages, essential in the MediaVerse framework, is the management of intellectual properties that, thanks to the Blockchain, can always keep track of whoever comes into possession of the uploaded content and to monitor it constantly.

Given the initial phase of DLT-based IPR management platforms, the case study method was chosen to conduct an exploratory study, in line with the LINKS Foundation consulting practice. Each unit of analysis examined through the case study methodology is a company whose main activity is focused on the management of IPR through the usage of Blockchain technology. The case design is based on the multiple cases design logic in which the presence of different contexts under consideration is oriented towards heterogeneity rather than replication. The outcome of the market observatory activities is presented in the following Research Note.