Cross-fertilisation Across Three H2020 Projects

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Accessibility, Community, Copyright Management, Project News

Cross-fertilisation for Media Co-creation Copyrights Across Three H2020 Funded Projects

The co-creation methodology of media content creation has proven to be a dynamic collective way to generate, re-use and repurpose existing media assets. This collaborative production approach is shared by three H2020 funded projects: TRACTION (870610) SO-CLOSE (870939), and MediaVerse (957252​).

Much care has been taken with ethical procedures and data protection in all three projects. Special attention has been paid to copyright in MediaVerse, focusing on a theoretical framework for the procedures for copyrights recording and handling. The objective is to enable the translation of legal characteristics and requirements into machine-readable data which is needed for the negotiation and the execution of smart contracts. The copyright for the co-creation of media assets will also be a forthcoming issue in TRACTION and SO-CLOSE, as both are soon to enter their second year in which media production will begin. In preparation for this, an online meeting was held between the three projects to draft user requirements and perform one of the many cross-fertilisation activities planned.

TRACTION will provide a bridge between opera professionals and specific communities at risk of exclusion based on trials, understood as experimental attempts, to foster an effective community dialogue between diverse individuals at risk of exclusion in three very different situations across three counties: Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

SO-CLOSE will contribute to social cohesion and fight refugee marginalisation or exclusion by facilitating encounters between similar life stories, through the mediation of innovative digital and artistic tools. Based on theories of cultural heritage-making, SO-CLOSE will improve social cohesion and promote mutual understanding between refugees and their local communities.

MediaVerse will enable the creation of a decentralised network of intelligent, automated, and accessible services, tools, and authoring platforms for digital asset management, legal and monetisable discovery and distribution of verified content, and barrier-free usage and integration in target media and platforms.