MediaVerse at LEAD-ME winter training school 2020

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Accessibility, Events

Symeon Papadopoulos, MediaVerse Project Coordinator, gave an overview presentation of the project on November 23rd 2020 to the LEAD-ME winter training school 2020 Media Accessibility. The talk, which was attended by numerous H2020 project coordinators and several students, explained the main concept behind the MediaVerse project: the delivery of a set of technologies and tools that will democratize content production and distribution, and will act as an innovation catalyst in the media sector. Particular focus was given to the accessibility aspects of the project, which can be summarized in two main pillars “Tools for All” and “Content for All”.

In the context of the first, the project will explore new accessibility requirements, in relation to content authoring tools for immersive content.

In the context of the “Content for All” pillar, the project will leverage the capabilities of the RACU accessibility toolset, which is made available and further maintained in MediaVerse by our partner STXT. This toolset will focus on the creation and editing of high-quality subtitles for a number of European languages in an efficient and standardized manner.