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Holistic Requirements Analysis For Specifying New Systems For 3D Media Production and Promotion

April 2021, Link

Christos Mouzakis, Dimitrios Ververidis, Luis Miguel Girao, Nicolas Patz, Spiros Nikolopoulos and Ioannis Kompatsiaris


This paper presents a requirements specification analysis for driving the design of new systems that will allow 3D media creators to further promote and monetize from their work. The provided requirements analysis is based on the IEEE 830 standard for requirements specification. It allows us to elucidate system requirements through existing (AS-IS) and envisioned (TO-BE) scenarios affected by the latest trends on design methodologies and content promotion in social media. A total of 30 tools for content creation, promotion and monetization are reviewed. The target groups, i.e. creator groups, are divided in 10 types according to their role in 3D media production. Based on this division 10 candidate TO-BE scenarios have been identified and out of these 10 scenarios, we have selected 6 scenarios for validation by media creators. The validation was performed through a survey of 24 statements on a 5 Likert scale by 47 individuals from the domains of Media, Fine arts, Architecture, and Informatics. Useful evaluation results and comments have been collected that can be useful for future systems design.


Mouzakis, C., Ververidis, D., Girao, L. M., Patz, N., Nikolopoulos, S., & Kompatsiaris, I. (2021). Holistic Requirements Analysis for Specifying New Systems for 3D Media Production and Promotion. Sustainability, 13(15), 8155. doi:10.3390/su13158155 [pdf]

Let's put standardisation in practice: accessibility services and interaction

October 2020, Link

Estel·la Oncins and Pilar Orero



Technology is developing at a fast pace to produce new interactions, which turn into new communication barriers, some of which might be avoidable. Looking at recommendations from some accessibility standards at the design stage could solve many issues and help towards native accessible technology.

This article looks at existing standards related to accessibility and media communication. The first part of the article looks at different standardisation agencies and the need to produce harmonised standards for accessibility at IEC, ITU, ISO and W3C. The second part of the article outlines how standards are produced and implemented at a European level by the European Standardisation Organisations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI). It then lists existing standards for each media accessibility service: subtitling, audio description, audio subtitling and sign language. Mention is made of Easy to Read as a new emerging accessibility modality. The final part of the article will provide conclusions and directions for further research.


Oncins, E., & Orero, P. (2021). Let’s put standardisation in practice: Accessibility services and interaction. Hikma, 20(1), 71-90. [pdf]