Let Your Ideas Grow: Innovation Readiness Level

by , and | Sep 19, 2023 | Concept, Events, Project News

Expert Talk with Donnie Sc. Lygonis, KTH Innovation 

27.09.23, 5pm CEST

Donnie Sc Lygonis is the business coach and innovation strategist you should meet with before starting your own business, technology or otherwise. At KTH in Sweden, he and his team have expanded NASA’s Technology Readiness System into a comprehensive innovation and growth system that addresses how to build out your team, how to prepare for customers – and how to find out what they want.  

The KTH Innovation System should be known to more founders and funders because it provides a clear path to properly developing an idea. It is easy to learn and essentially consists of a system of maps for relevant areas such as technology, customers, team, intellectual property, and funding readiness. 

From the first idea, when you just have a thought or an intuitive feeling for a different way of doing things, to the first transaction, when you have secured the first customer for your product – this expert talk will help you get your innovation start-up off the ground. 

About KTH Innovation

At the center of entrepreneurship at KTH is KTH Innovation, providing world-class support for new ideas from students, researchers and employees. They work closely with regional and international partners, with the mission of enabling more technology and knowledge from KTH to create an impact in society.

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