Innovation for Media: What works?

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Community, Events, Project News

Expert talk with Ezra Eeman, Strategy & Innovation Director NPO

06.09.2023, 5pm CEST

Correct and in-depth information is more and more important in a time of deep changes. But organizing newsrooms and media distribution towards high quality is a challenge. In this field, Ezra Eeman is a widely respected, experienced manager for innovation. In this Mediaverse expert talk, Ezra will present systematic approaches for innovation in media, based on many years of implementation experience.

About Ezra Eeman

Ezra Eeman is the Strategy & Innovation Director at NPO. Ezra has almost 20 years of experience in media, innovation and journalism. Previously, he was Change Director at the international media company Mediahuis, where he was responsible for coordinating newsroom transformation and digital acceleration across a wide range of cross-media brands. Before that, Ezra was the Head of Digital, Transformation and Platforms at the EBU, The European Broadcasting Union, worked as head of an innovation lab at VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster and was a journalist and editor in chief at the Flemish commercial broadcaster VTM.

About NPO

NPO is the umbrella administrative body of several independent dutch broadcasters with a broadcasting license. These broadcasters can be divided into two categories:

  • Broadcasters with statutory functions in terms of news, sports, education and culture (NOS and NTR).
  • Broadcasting associations that either represent a social or religious movement or represent a specific target group, such as young people or the elderly. These broadcasting associations are firmly rooted in Dutch society through their members and are partly the result of the segregated Dutch society which emerged in the first half of the last century. The existence of these member-based broadcasting associations makes the Dutch public broadcasting system unique in the world. 

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