360° Tour of Reception Apartments for Refugees in Barcelona

by , , , and | Mar 20, 2023 | Use Case

Use Case 2: Pilot 5

360° Tour of Reception Apartments for Refugees in Barcelona

CEPAIM is a foundation that provides support to migrants. Their goal is to promote a more inclusive, cohesive, egalitarian, and intercultural society that facilitates full participation in society of vulnerable populations, especially migrants.

They too saw potential in co-developing 360° videos with MediaVerse. One of the experiences the CEPAIM participants ended up creating is a 360° virtual tour that shows their reception apartments for refugees in Barcelona. It was also shown to European Commission representatives. The demo video version can be found here.

Another 360° experience on the Pyrenees, co-created with other NGOs working with young migrants, is already in the making.

CEPAIM social workers during the first training session in 360º co-creation.
Social worker watching a 360º video with cardboard goggles.
Social educator trying VR goggles for the first time.

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